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To make great products with a small footprint, encourage mindful consumption, support fair labor practices, and have fun while we’re doing it.


Nube9 began as a youth athletic uniform supplier with the goal to reduce plastic waste, educate the team sport market, and inspire the next generation to practice mindful consuming.  100% sourced and made in the USA out of post-consumer recycled plastic, Nube9 uniforms kept 117,000 bottles out of our landfills last year.   We also practice closed-loop manufacturing, recycling scraps and old uniforms into new products.


Our fabrics are knit in the US out of fibers manufactured in North Carolina.  Locally sourced post-consumer plastic bottles are chipped, melted down and extruded into poly fiber.  A wicking finish is added before extrusion; embedded in the fiber it will last the lifetime of the garment.  Our fabrics are super soft and blended with spandex for great shape retention.  Most are at least UPF 50 as well.  All the performance of regular poly without the waste!


After years of perfecting our fabrics and fit, we decided to dive into sportswear in 2015, collaborating with environmental artist Chris Jordan on the “Running the Numbers” collection.  Since then we’ve expanded from one concept in four silhouettes to a full line of sportswear in a wide range of prints and patterns, all 100% sourced and made in the USA.


The Nube9 nerve center is our studio on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Situated in a lightly restored industrial building, surrounded by similarly creative and caffeinated businesses, this is where we plot and prototype.  But the real brains are in our factory in LA, where years of experience turn our one-offs into the ones you never want to take off.

Watch our video to learn more about why we do what we do:


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